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In short, AAA Texas customers need to understand that they are actually part of AAA Southern California, and are treated as such via their customer service responsiveness. In short, my particular issue is that clear damage was done to my vehicle's rack and pinion mechanism when being towed for a transmission issue at 10PM on September 4, 2013. Despite pictures of the location of the tow where no fluids were leaked-out, and a statement from the garage where the leaked was clear all over the spot where the car was dropped the night before, AAA Texas has been unsupportive and has ignored my now five calls asking for support. Nice people (Myra, Celeste, and Cynthia come to mind), but very poor follow-through from their company (their California company). The issue of California is that it is two hours behind us, and customer service issue for roadside issue is handled ONLY out of this location.

I did reach out to the tow truck company (Armada Towing....also a California company with a location only in San Antonio), and their representative refused to look at the location of the towing source (a short mile and 1/2 away), and instead spent his time explaining how his driver could not have caused the damage. However, when asked, he could not explain why is was not leaking before the tow, yet was at the spot he dropped it at the night before. When asked if he thought someone had crawled underneath the car in the middle of the night and exerted super human strength pulling down the rack and pinion sufficiently to dislocate the fluid connection, he simply shrugged his shoulders.

By the way, the repair work on my car for this damage is estimated at $1,100, and is on top of a bill I am responsible for, for a reman transmission of $3,600. AAA Texas (aka California) is aware of this inordinate expense and has failed to call me back even once after my five phone calls, and is aware that the car is still sitting in the garage, unrepaired, and unusable by my family. AAA Texas cares only for their pockets, and their towing contractors, and clearly not in getting my family back on the road.

So, with due respect to the employees I spoke with, this company's lack of support for my needs speak loudly of their loyalty to their tow truck operators first, and me, as a six year loyal customer, somewhere south of this on their priority list.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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Although I submitted the above review anonymously a week or so ago, I am happy to report that AAA Texas did respond after I cut-and-pasted this review and e-mailed it to their customer service organization, in a positive manner. In fact, a local representative called me back within 30 minutes of this.

They did a review of the incident, and in just over 24 hours, they did force the tow-truck company to pay for the rack and pinion damage and a realignment. I still do not like that it took so long to get them to act, but when they did, I do have to say they did so professionally. However, I will not say the same for Armada Towing.

I will specifically request on future tows that they not be dispatched. Serious attitude issue with management there.

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