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I wrote this review back on Saturday, December 12th, 2015 and a lot of what I am going to say is a repeat, but there will be some updates as well.

Yes, I did sign up for their Services, however, since I did Not need their Services after all since I decided that I am Not Going To Drive At All, I decided to Cancel Their Services Right Away with American Express since that is How I Paid For Their Services To Begin With and Had No Problem In Doing So!

American Express therefore Gave Me The Credit Back Right Away and Blocked My Account from being Charged and/or from being Re-Billed Again.

However, this company is a Big Fraud because Not too long after I Cancelled their Services, they started having one of their Uneducated Employees Call Me Up On The Phone and Harass Me For About $60.00 Dollars Or So That I Do Not Owe Them for their Services to Begin With in which I Never Used, Utilized or Needed after all!

In Addition, they have been Extremely Disgustingly and Rudely Aggressive For The Wrong Reasons after I Have Told Them Over The Phone The Whole Situation and they have Continued To Illegally Call Me Against My Will and Ignore My Responses.

I have therefore asked them to Cease and Desist Immediately and sadly, My Wishes Have Not Been Respected!

I had ended Up Swearing, Yelling and Cursing them to Leave Me The F***K Alone or I will Call The Police.

Sadly, that is where this had led to and My Next Step Is To File A Police Report Against Them if it Continues!

Not Only That, but this F****N Company has also sent ME Many Letters Harassing Me For The Money As Well Like The Ones That I Am Presenting To You In The Attachments For The Social Media Websites that will Accept Them For Your Viewing Pleasure.

Continuing On: They even Increased the Illegal Amount of Money that They Claim that I Owe Them, even though In Reality, I do Not Owe Them A Dime!

I wish this F****N Company would just Please Get Their Facts Straight and Start Being Honest with their Potential and Non-Potential Customers when they tell them something Truthful because You Never Know What Websites They Are Going To Be Broadcasted On Like What I Am Doing Right Now!



Update: After I had published Negative Reviews on this F****N company's abuse towards ME, I then received a letter from Anita Toral in their customer service department who did Nothing, but Write Lies and Made Out A False Claim that I Kept The Insurance For A While Before Cancelling It When In Reality, I Did Cancel It Immediately With American Express and there are Records Of My Immediate Cancellation Made Available Upon Request, however, the American Automobile Association has Refused To Request Them because All That They Care About Is Money!

Their employees are Trained To Lie! Amazing!

Furthermore, I also received another bogus letter asking ME for payment from Richard Purcell, their Collections Supervisor at

(714) 885-1922 or rpurcell AT

I have enclosed both of their letters in the attachments.


Final Update: I have been gone out of the country from December 2015 until August 2nd, 2016 and when I came back, I was shocked to Receive Exactly Six (6) Harassing Letters For Money That I Do Not Even Owe Them Coming From The American Automobile Association c/o Richard Purcell, Collections Supervisor (714) 885-1922

dated: March 14, 2016, February 11, 2016, January 28, 2016, January 13, 2016 and December 29, 2016.

In addition, the American Automobile Association went further then that.

They even sent it over to two different collections agencies to harass me as well which are: AWA Collections, PO Box 6605, Orange, CA 92863-6605 (888) 771-3690 and Southwest Credit, 4120 International Parkway Suite #1100, Carrollton, TX 75007-1958 (866) 274-9801.

It is amazing on how far they would go.

All of their documents are Going Viral and so is their company name!

I believe in being Honest and Not Stealing, but Do They?

Thou Shalt Be Judged On Judgment Day!


PS: In The Bible It Says, "Thou Shalt Not Steal"..

PS: I Wonder If They Are Truthfully Following That Commandment!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. HOWARDSHORE1970 stated that there is a room for improvement of harassed me for money that i did not owe them and collections agencies harassed me for money as well. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "i cancelled the insurance right away through my american express credit card and they have been harassing me for this money and they even took it to collections and ruined my credit right now!" of american automobile association customer care and associated monetary loss in the amount of $153. American Automobile Association needs to "they need to reverse the money owed to a zero balance since i never used their services and they need to take off this negative remark from all three (3) credit reporting agencies; equifax, experian and transunion" according to poster's claims.

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Hyattsville, Maryland, United States #1259318

Um, just because you stopped payment and cancelation through your credit card, does not mean that you informed the actual company itself that you entered into the agreement with in the first yes, they will be right saying in their eyes you kept the services for a while because you did not notify them. Maybe you should just stay out of the county and live else where??

St. Charles, Missouri, United States #1201769

I had a bad experience with them as well. That's why I switch to a better company with unlimited towing, they don't keep me waiting forever and they allow me to use it for any car I am riding in as long as I have my membership card and I keep it in my wallet.

to tspikes33 St. Charles, Missouri, United States #1201770

Sorry I thought I was responding to a different post. The response was for the person with AAA. Sorry

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