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On 10/23/2017 I contacted AAA for a boost or to buy a new battery. I explained my dilemma to the associate ....who assured me she would send someone to check my battery to give me a boost or sell me a battery........Well a very pleasant Gentleman arrived who explained to me he could not check my battery because his equipment was dead but he would be more than happy to give me a boost with the other car in the garage which ..Duh I declined his offer because I am a AAA MEMBER and was seeking assistance from them for obvious reasons.

I contacted AAA again ...I explained to them because my problem was not resolved I had to contact a Mobile Mechanic and incurred additional fees and bought a new battery.

I contacted AAA again to cancel my membership. I was told by the AAA associate she would email me a claim form to complete and submit along with proof of battety purchase for reimbursement for my battery purchase.....I submitted the information as discussed multiple times because AAA kept saying the documents was illegible......Finally once they confirmed they received legible documents after giving me the runaround several weeks I received a voicemail stating my claim was being denied.....I have yet to receive a denial letter or received confirmation that membership has been cancelled and when I will be receiving my refund for my membership renewal that was just renewed in October.....WHICH IS USELESS!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Automobile Association Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It is NOT too much to expect proper and professional assistance. You pay AAA to provide as such.The battery service truck should of A) come prepared with equipment that works, if he took the battery call knowing he would be unable to do what the member needed ( I doubt he knew there would be another car around) is unacceptableThe member, expecting the AAA contracted company perform services agreed upon when they signed up, spent whatever time it took waiting for the service truck to show only to find out the time had been wasted when services could not be performed and now has to seek needed services elsewhere paying more money on top of their annual membership which would've paid for the anove issue.B) It is unprofessional for the representative to ask the member if they want them to use another vehicle on the premises because they showed up unprepared.

If the member wanted to use another vehicle they wouldn't of called AAA. It could be performed without. Why not use the service you pay for? If the driver knew his equipment was not charged he should of called his supervisor to arrange for another truck, at the very least pick up charged equipment!!AAA will refund,usually at a pro rated price, for batteries purchased from am auto store if aware of what has happened.

You may have to be the squeaky wheel, but don't stop.We have been dealing with battery issues for 3 years now. We are on our 4th battery, due to faulty batteries. I had to fight for the last one, I am pretty sure they wished they had just done it to begin with!!My 7mo old battery has been jumped 5 times since receiving it. Tomorrow they will be replacing it at a pro rated price if not free or they will be paying for me to buy a new one from an auto store and installation.

I am just one person who will not throw my money away if I pay for a service,basically on retainer, I expect the service to be performed to my standards.One thing to keep in mind in defense of AAA itself is that they have tow companies that apply to perform services under the AAA name. They are contractors. If there is an issue or you are unhappy with your service, they don't know until somebody brings it to their attention. In this situation the battery truck is 100% in the wrong.

AAA should be made aware they now have to fix what that company messed up, but that is the chance they have to take.The tow company can lose their contract if enough complaints as well..Also, a member can also call AAA and have them send battery truck from another contracted tow company if the first one cannot perform the service.So No, the inital poster's expectations are not too high!!

At least in this situation. Once again we pay for this service and should expect a good experience.


You expect too much! AAA sent a guy out to provide you assistance and altho his equipment was not working, he did offer to give you a "jump" as we say, which you declined.

Whether the jump came from his vehicle or yours matters not. You declined.

AAA is not going to pay for your apparent new battery. Probably best you cancel AAA and find another road assistance company.

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