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AAA Insurance Co. hired CRDN Co.

to remove 6 dinning room shades in the family room and 2 shades in the kitchen. They removed the 2 shades in the kitchen with my help and I removed the 6 shades in the family room in there presents to show them how they had to be removed. I demonstrated to the two technicians how they functioned before removing them with the remote control, being that they were motorized shades by Hunter Douglas Company. CRDN took them wrapped very neatly.

They returned the shades using an excuse of them being unclean able, because they were not a certified cleaning expert to clean these shades. Upon receiving the shades, Six (6) were dismantle in the box and the two (2) kitchen shades were still uncleaned. CRDN sent a check in the amount of $4$440.00 for the cleaning of the shades only. This was an estimate of the cost of all the shades to be cleaned including the kitchen.

The (2) Kitchen Shades alone will cost over $250.00 by an expert certified cleaning co. according to researching the cost. The (6) Family Room Shades were completely destroyed, and thrown in a return box. (See attachment Pictures) There Technicians open the box, and I took pictures before they removed them.

It was impossible for them to rehang them, they were all broken. Two shades in the family room were broken and returned the following week. CDRN kept these shades for a month, plus a week before returning them. AAA Insurance is trying to get out of replacing my shades which were for cleaning but destroyed.

Also when the Living Room drape panel was returned one panel had a water stain on it which was not there previously. Upon them returning, and rehanging the panel I again took pictures. CRND did not take pictures of the cleaning items they removed from my home. Nor did I sign any documents.

Today I received a check for $61.00 to paint the dinning Room, I know This job of painting will cost more than $61.00.See attachment of pictures of dinning room. Ask AAA to show you the pictures of the family room shades that Restoration al Management gave to them from there pictures of the family room shades, when they reported they needed cleaning. All shades were functioning. See there pictures in their report!

I have additional pictures if needed. The formal dining room which AAA has given me a check for $61.00 to have it painted. Two gallons of paint cost $74.00 who's going to paint and remove the furniture of a dinning room table and 4 wood chairs,2 wingback chairs, table 7-8 foot china cabinet, serving table, pictures on wall, dishes in china cabinet and server, chandelier on ceiling, drapes and valance covering a 8 feet sliding door? Who's going to Paint?

Again I will fax letter from AAA and check which I will not cash. AAA needs to pay for the 6 shades destroyed, and paint a substantial amount to paint the formal dinning room.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $5500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Hi, just here to sympathize with you. I was also a member of AAA a few months ago.

I had a similar experience as well. Two months ago, my wife, myself, and our six year old daughter, Jaelyn were vacationing states away from home and were driving through a construction zone. We must have hit a few nails or something because the two front tires blew out and I almost lost control of our SUV. Thank God that I was able to regain control, otherwise who knows?

After my wife and I calmed down and assessed our little girls condition, I immediately called AAA who we have been loyal members of since 2010. They proceeded to inform me that my 4 service calls a year were used up (which, I agreed that was the case) but since being a loyal customer, I asked if they could make an exception. The customer service representative was sort of rude after that point. They then informed me that in order to come out, we would have to pay a full year up front that day in order to receive assistance.

When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told that they would tell me the very same thing. I ended up having the car towed and payed to have the tires replaced myself...which was more than AAA was asking for but it is the principle here that I am worried about. Things happen and AAA needs to honor they're customers loyalty.

I recently did some digging and found another roadside assistance company who does take care of their customers as well as pays them to refer others to their service.

I have been with this company for 2 months now and have had excellent service every time. They offer unlimited calls on battery boosts, flat tire repair, ect. ect. ....truly unlimited.

They also offer hotel discounts, prescription discounts, personal injury payouts, and even pay for your hospital stays if you are seriously injured. The benefits this company offers far outweigh that of AAA. I highly recommend them. If interested in the company or the services they provide, go here to my independent referral site.

I am thoroughly pleased with how they treat their customers as well as agents.

You will never see AAA pay their customers to refer others. This company does however and I will remain a loyal customer and agent.

Best wishes to you and your family.

to Anonymous #904905

why not advertize it,,,srew AAA THEY SUCK..

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