On July 18, 2013 I was driving my ford cargo van and a small trailer on vacation gold prospecting in southern Oregon, I came to a big hill just passed Canyonville on I 5 about 30 miles from Grants Pass. All of sudden I noticed smoke out the back and the truck slowing down, I almost mad it to the top.

the engine sounded fine but no tranny. I called AAA I had AAA plus, it was about 3:30 pm they said they would have someone there to tow me soon. the tow truck got there around 5:00 pm. the driver was nice got me hooked up and towed me to his bosses shop so he could remove my driveline.

we got there after 6:00pm. the mechanic was having trouble removing the driveline. said he could not do it. the owner shows up at 7:00pm says he is not going to tow me because triple A doesn't pay him enough to tow me to Eugene.

He says AAA dose not cover box vans or small trailers. He parks me truck across the street on the Hwy shoulder unhooks me and leaves me No Water no nothing. He was a total ***. I just paid my AAA plus $171.00 the week earlier to be covered for this.

I am a 100% disabled Vietnam vet with several heath issues. I had my 4 English bull dogs with me and a cockatoo, one English bulldog was overheating so bad he was foaming at the mouth and noise badly I didn't think he was going to make it. the owner watched me from across the street smiling and joking and pointing while I was trying to save my dog. I was on the phone with AAA from 6:30pm to 1.00am trying to get Them to tow me.

They told me on page 14 part way down there was a small paragraph that said they will not tow box van or utility trailers unless there is a motorcycle in it. I said what booklet? The one we sent you when you first sign up. I said are you kidding 15 years ago.

you have taken my $171.00 for 15 years and now your going to let me down when I need you!! Anyway 6:30pm to 1:00am to get them to OK the Tow on the side of a highway w/4 dogs. they called back and said the tow truck will not tow me with the driveline hooked up and I needed to change the right rear trailer tire? (there was 70% tread on it...)I said I would do it in the dark if it meant me getting out of there.

did it in about 45 min. both. With the tools I had with me.

Bill's towing should not be a AAA tow Service.

Vary Rude, Non Caring. There driver could not apologize enough for the rude behavior of their owner. If your a AAA member you should e mail them first describe what you'll be doing have them e mail you back so you have it in Writing.

They don't cover a lot of dirt roads ether (by the way) AAA should give a booklet each time you pay your yearly fee. That not to unreasonable is it??

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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