Called AAA at 6:51pm told truck would be there within the hour at 7:05pm I called them to be to be told the company they contacted said they was on another call and wouldn't get there till 12:01am I have never had a problem in over 15 yrs with them. and there is several tow companies in our area that are 24 hr service and they said no other was available so knowing I was getting aggravated they finally found one in another town and after 2 hrs one got there. I guess they would have let me sit there till 12:01 if I hadn't called them back.

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New York, New York, United States #910169

Do you honestly think AAA is contracted with every tow company in your area?

If so, what is the color of your sky, cuz me in the real world is facing some steel grey clouds. If you got sunny skies, take your *** meds!

Peoria, Illinois, United States #863897

Hey I am with a roadside assistance company called MCA it's only $20 a month. You should try it out!

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