Lisbon, Ohio
Not resolved

I needed pulled out of side of road due to icy conditions. After driver pulled my car onto road he unhooked and high-tailed out of there.

He didn't speak to me. I asked if he needed me to sign anything and he replyed by saying nothing as he jumped in his truck and driving off. I knew something was fishy by his demeanor. Now left on a country rd I attempted to drive away only to find the driver wrapped his winch wire around my suspesion stabilizer bar along with the frame.

Now my rear tire is bent in about 3 inches making it impossible to drive straight. Being that I wasnt far from home (10 miles) I drove home. Now I attempted to call AAA in order to file a claim and they referenced me to their customer relations number. After over 90 min on hold I honestly believe the number is a fake number designed to discourage people to making a claim against their negligence.

I cant believe a company treats their long-term customers in this way. I feel disrespected.

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