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why wait hours to see if you get towed,why wait on phones to speak tomanagement just to get hung up on,why get stuck just to be told that they have a right to deny your service,why join some so called road side assistance if they don't eeven help if your on a farm,dirt road,boat trailer all these things they don't cover. If you want UNLIMITED TOW plus what aaa gives and more inbox me!!!!! For me and my family we all went to a concert just to find out once we left that my mothers big jeep had a flat when she called aaa not only did they send something that couldn't tow the jeep but we had wait for another tow truck pay for the extra miles b4 they even tow it and pay for a cab for all of us to get home let's just say never again.

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Why pay for their membership if you don't read the policy and see what it actually covers first? If they said they covered dirt roads,boat trailers I could see your point, but this sounds like a classic case of negligence of personal responsibility.

I never get why people pay for things and don't read what they are purchasing. FYI they actually cover boats and trailers under their "RV" membership, but you don't read so of course you would not know that. They provide roadside service, not transportation, but it is frustrating if you get broke down and you get stranded away from home.It would be nice if they could provide accomodations. Unfortunately they don't -_-.

If I go out of town I try to be prepared for anything to go wrong .

I never want to be stranded anywhere, it's frustrating. :(

to whodabest Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #712317

Got news for you-they DO NOT provide the service they say they will, even when you buy the Premium RV package at top cost, and pay for an extra wide range of mileage and service. Sure, after a 3 hour wait to get our truck and fifth wheel towed, they showed up, but not with the right equipment, so another marathon call series started before they finally got it right 6 hours after our original call.

Then we find out that their "Premium RV" towing allows 200 miles for our truck to be towed, but only 100 miles for the fifth wheel. Yeah, Premium RV-sucks! I am a college professor and I can assure you that I read everything, including the fine print, before shelling out our hard earned money.

NO MORE AAA for us! :(

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