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Been a customer of AAA for their roadside assistance for decades. They also insure my home in CA.

I had some questions for my local office, which I deal with via email and a particular person. I had sent a few emails with questions regarding insuring my vehicle there too, which they would love to see. My questions have gone unanswered - numerous emails and no answer. My insurance has gone up on my home now for about the 4th straight year.

I am thinking of getting rid of that too, and wanted to talk to someone in authority there about this and to get my original questions answered, and ask more. At this point, emails is not going to work. After sending an email further up the chain, I got the following msg: "In an ongoing effort to improve Member Experience we would like the opportunity to speak with you regarding the questions and complaints with the Branch you currently use. Please contact Member Relations in our Executive Offices at your earliest convenience.

" So I have called that number numerous times and left a msg because no one is there. I did get a call from another person at that number, but missed them. I have called about another 4 times and left messages. What is wrong with the people at AAA?

My AAA card is expiring and I'll let it. Home insurance is also expiring - some other company would love to have that. There is NO customer service, no real attempt to get more information, attempt to solve a problem, etc. AAA is the problem.

For the amount of money per year, if people would not get their roadside assistance, take the chance and save their money, when the time comes, the savings on their fees will probably cover the issue and still give you a balance left over. AAA rating of hotels? Who needs that too? Plenty of places post peoples reviews and I don't use AAA for that.

I don't even use AAA for maps - all on line. And my gut feeling if I should have a claim on my house, from what they have noted or checked off, I might not be able to collect because of rules and regulations - so sure, they will collect that large check for insurance, but I really don't feel comfortable should I have issues. As someone else here stated, AAA stands for Arrogant, Annoying.

Awful. Before I started this post, it said that I should contact AAA - I think 30 times via email and phone calls is enough; and I still haven't talked to anyone!

AAA will 'drive' people to AA.

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